Permanent Monthly Animal Consultancy

We at GVHs providing you another service of monthly based consultancy of following

  • Home
  • Dairy Farm
  • Poultry Farm
  • Farmhouse ( with variety of Animals)
  • Wild and Zoo animals

The perks and condition of permanent consultancies are following:

  • All injectibles (i.e. antibiotics, NSAIDs and supportive injections only) will be included in this package.
  • All the sealed products i.e. oral syrups, homeopathic medicines and other products will be available on 20% discount on each product.
  • Farm Labor will be trained to handle the emergency cases specifically in the night.
  • Staff of GVH will only recommend things; practical implementations will be the responsibility of Farm supervisor OR Farm Labor.
  • This package will include 16 Regular Visits (8 visits of Govt. of Pakistan’s registered veterinarian and 8 visits of GVH Veterinary assistant). In some cases the 16 visits could be done by the Veterinarian if VA is not available OR according to the patient’s need.
  • 4 Emergency visit will also included in this package which are reserved for any type of emergency which occur in out of routine visit OR same day of routine visit.
  • Minimum of 16 visits and maximum of 20 visits will be done by GVH Staff. However visits more than 20 will cost Rs. 200/visit.
  • All the veterinary services i.e. (difficult birth, surgical operations, and non-health issues) will be provided on 50% discount.
  • We will provide 24/7 service.
  • Our telephonic helpline will be available 24/7 to facilitate all issues and complaints if any.
  • Farm Labor OR Farm supervisor should inform before 4:00pm everyday about any type of emergency, but in extreme emergency he can contact at any time.
  • E.O Dr. Zahid Afzal will not be available on Sunday till 3:00 pm, so all emergencies of this day will be handled by the attendant but in telephonically supervision of Dr. Zahid Afzal.