Current Opportunities:

Join Our Team:

If you are interested in joining our team you can join us in following ways

Join as Consultant:

If you are a registered RVMP doctor and have specialty post graduation degree in our purposed departments then you can apply for this position. The Consultants can contact for more details and coordinate through mail.

Join as Branch Manager/Franchiser:

This is the option for the newly fresh graduates i.e. RVMPs to establish our branches in different areas of Pakistan. Details of this projects can be obtain by call or by email.

Join as GVH Member:

This offer is for pet owners, you can enjoy our membership in different ways. The benefits of membership are following:

  • Free pet managements training
  • Certificate of memberships
  • Alerts and news
  • 15% discount on each and every service of GVH
  • Chance to win exciting prizes and gifts
  • Invitations to different conferences and seminars about the pets.
  • Free help to select the best pets and sacrificial animals.