Diarrhea in Livestock and Its Treatment by Dr Zahid Afzal

Hy..! This is Dr Zahid Afzal from general veterinary hospital Lahore. Today I am here with the new topic of small animals like livestock as sheep, goat, cattle and buffalo. In today’s topic we will discuss that diarrhea of sheep and good and livestock of large animals. So first of all I would like to explain that how many types of diarrhea could be appear in front of a vet, there are almost four types of diarrhea

  • viral diarrhea
  • bacterial diarrhea
  • parasitic diarrhea
  • and diarrhea due to indigestibility of stomach or rumen

So before starting the treatment of diarrhea we should know that which type of diarrhea animal is having..? Either its viral, either it’s bacterial, either it’s parasitic or either it’s due to the normalized indigestibility of stomach. Suppose the diarrhea is viral so we will use a specified antibiotic which I preferably recommend enrofloxacin which is very best antibiotic drug, which affect the GIT tract of livestock. These antibiotics are always used to prevent the secondary bacterial infections as we all know that the viral infections cannot be treated but we can prevent the secondary bacterial infections by giving them antibiotics if we don’t give any antibiotic then the secondary bacterial infection can cause the viral infection more severe and more acute. So in Pakistan we mostly used the best treatment for diarrhea along with the antibiotic and the supportive and symptomatic injections. We use powder Diaroban we use powder Kaoilin and we mix them with the water of boiled rice. Water of boiled rice works very efficiently with the stomach and make it regulate so starting of the treatment will be start from Diaroban you will makes the 1 pack of diaroban in half glass of Rice water and give it to the animal after that we will take rest of 30 minutes and then we will give the 50 grams of Kaolin powder in Rice water and give it to the animal and we will repeat this procedure for twice a day and make sure that total of four doses should be given after a gap of exactly 12 hours this will prevent all type of the diarrhea other whatever that kind is it will prevent all the types of diarrhea always remember that alone this treatment will do nothing until or unless we use any symptomatic medicine like if animal is hyperthermic then we need to give him NSAID (Non-Steroidal-Anti-inflammatory-Drugs) and if animal is hypothermic then we need to give him multivitamins to boost up the body temperature if you don’t do this then for all the treatment will go in the vein. Now second important thing is to give antibiotic, I repeatedly saying that antibiotics are very much important along with this treatment if you think that only this prescription or this medicine is enough for the diarrheal patient then you are wrong you need to complete. It’s just for stopping the diarrhea along with this you need to give your patient and advise of using a well proper diet a proper diet will also help you patient to keep his stomach clean with any type of additives  to overcome this issue many vets are use to work with the use of multiple antibiotics which may not be save for some animals or work for are taken cause many damages to the stomach so here is important point that we should know that which drug is safe so all these advices and medicines are just for the livestock it’s not for the pets.  So Once again I would like to explain step by step the procedure of treatment of diarrhea. Remember it’s just for the stoppage of stools in sheep and goats, pet’s treatment is somehow different, and we must use antibiotic and other symptomatic drugs along with this treatment. Treatment steps as follows:

  1. Diaroban Powder 12 gm in half glass of rice water
  2. Wait for 30 minutes
  3. Kaolin Powder 50gm in half glass of rice water
  4. Repeat Step 1, 2 and 3 after exactly 12 hours.
  5. The same procedure should be continued till two days that’s mean animal should get at least 4 dose each after 12 hours.

The above treatment plan for diarrhea is designed after multiple experiments and it’s proven in all kinds of diarrhea with all kind of symptoms. It doesn’t affect any symptoms i.e. hyperthermia, hypothermia and bleeding etc. Beside this treatment if you seen any kind of blood in stool than you can use Tablet Vitamin-K and Injection Transamin to stop the blood and make it more coagulated. By this owner will be more satisfied. The treatment selection of any drugs should be made according to previous history of patient if owner had, because previous history can define you easily how much dose of antibiotic is suitable to the animal or which antibiotics will give better results. Sometime we forgot to ask any kind of history related questions and that cause quite difficult for us to maintain our reputation and excat treatment plan. I personally witnessed thousands of cases where mal-practices and home remedies are already given to animals can cause a reaction when you try to give the right treatment. So by doing this owner will blame yourself without assessing himself/herself that he should never use home remedies before reaching to the vet. So keep in mind that you have discussed with the owner about all kind of risk factors involved and about the effects of previous home remedies and medication. In this regards many quacks are also in the field who are using only oxytetracycline and dexamethasone and they consider it the best remedy for all kinds of issues, diseases and problems, which is absolutely a wrong practice. The best thing is to safe you side by exploring the all possible legal and health issues as told by owner. Why Legal issues are so important in our practice…? Because we Indo-Pak people trust quacks more than they should do to Vets, and as result right treatment of vets could be converted into a legal case. I hope you will like this article, keep giving your feedback.