Hairfalll in Cats and Dogs by Dr. Zahid Afzal DVM

Hy..! This is Dr Zahid Afzal from General veterinary Hospital Lahore, today I want to discuss with you a very new and important topic of Cats and Dogs which is Hair fall in them. As all of us knew that this problem is too much effective in our daily life and routines, so everyone always tried to get rid of this problem but unfortunately he/she remain unable to resolve the issue 100%. So basically this topic is not covering the problem 100% but definitely it will reduce or solve your problem almost 50 to 60%. There’s nothing to do extra-ordinary and specially, the points which I’m going to tell you are just routine procedures of keeping pets but sometime we forgot to adopt these points or procedures. Let’s discuss these points step by step
1. Combing or Brushing:
This is the most important thing or procedure to do with your animals, sometime this minor procedure could lead to save you from a major disaster of Cats and dogs hairs problem. So make sure that you are combing or brushing your pet at least twice a day with a good brush or comb. Normal human brush or comb will not work here you need to bring a good cat dog brush/comb with steel making, which not only remove the already broken hairs but also it will reduce the capacity of hair fall in cat and dogs. Combing is also important in a way that it reduces the hair ball or hair clutch formations. So try to repeat this procedure at least twice a day or thrice a day, recommended is minimum twice a day combing is required.
2. Food:
Food is also an important factor which can affect the body badly, so first of all if your Cat and dog is start losing his/her hairs than change his/her food at first. Some food ingredients may cause severe type of allergies which may affect the dog/cat health, hair coat and immune system. Food schedule in this regard is also very important i.e. always make confirm and regular schedule of your cat/dog daily diet plan as following:
a. Breakfast
b. Lunch
c. Dinner
Don’t give any type of food or treat in between these schedules, what benefits you will get..? Firstly Cat/Dog will completely digest whatever they are having. Secondly stomach will remain soft and in action always. Thirdly Immune system will not face any type of external or internal pressure. Fourthly ingredients which may cause allergies and hair fall will be digested in said period. So by this simple procedure you can prevent your pet from a very serious problem. Now the question is which food brand is good and which one is not. So here I would like to tell you that not 100% of any food is 100% suitable to all type of Cats and dogs, it depend on cat to cat and dog to dog that what they feel better with and what type of taste they like most. Following are my few recommendations regarding food companies (these are based on 100s cats and dogs experimental trial):
a. Brit Care
b. Royal Canin
c. Taste of the Wild
d. NutraGold
e. Reflex
These foods are on grading basis that which one is currently on number 1 and which one is on number 2. You can select food according to your cat’s age, cat breed and specified taste. Also you can select food according to dog age, dog breed and specified taste.

3. Shampoo:
Now the most important thing in this regards that which kind of shampoo we should use in Cats and Dogs..? So here I would like to warn you don’t ever use human shampoo on cat and dogs. Always prefer a specified dog/cat shampoo for bath. What human shampoo can do with the pet’s skin…? They can destroy the skin, they can causative of many types of allergies including fungal infections and even they can create hotspot allergy in dogs and cats. So it’s better to use a specified pet shampoo according to age, breed and type of coat of pet. I will recommend following shampoo:
a. Dermalline Itch Wash Shampoo
b. Protein Shampoo for Cats and Dogs
c. Megapet Cat Shampoo
d. Megapet Dog Shampoo
e. Dry Shampoo (Medi bath)
4. Ticks and fleas:
Next step is to do a ticks and fleas treatment of pet. Why this is so important…? It is important because there are much type of micro organisms which can cause skin allergy leads to hair fall in cats and dogs. So it is very important to adopt this step to overcome the future hair fall and it is also reliable and effective in those who are already facing hair fall issue. Ticks and fleas are the basic cause of excessive hair disease conditions and skin disease conditions. So my recommendation in this regard is following;
a. Frontline Spray (Merial)
b. Bravecto Tablet
c. Nexguard Tablet
d. D Tick Spray
Above mentioned are the best sprays for ticks and fleas and gave numerous results. Above four steps are those simple steps by which we can not only stop the hair fall to 50 to 60% but we can also safe our self. Hair fall topic is that topic we normally face at clinic almost daily four to five times in a day, so by writing this article I hope majority of pet’s owners will get their answers along with the treatment plan. In some cases may other factors may affect the hair fall condition that are following:
a. Heat cycle in some animals
b. Summer season
c. Molting of hairs
d. Accidental injuries
Above factors will not be well treated with plan mentioned above, that plan will work only in routine and all season type of hair fall. I hope this article will help you out and I will be very happy if got your feedback and precious comments. You can contact me by sending email or by contacting on available online forms. Stay Blessed.