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About General Group of Veterinary Services:

General Group of Veterinary Services is the Pakistan’s largest group of services covering all the aspects of Veterinary Field. GGVS is providing its services not only in Pakistan but round the globe to the veterinary professionals and other personals related to this field.

About C.E.O

Dr. Zahid Afzal is the Group C.E.O and organizing/managing this group since 2014. He did his D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from Bahaudin Zakariya University Multan, Punjab Pakistan in 2014. Right after the completion of his degree, he started his career by establishing the General Group of Veterinary Services in which he establish about 12 sub- departments and each department is further divided into different services. He then took admission in M.Phil Physiology at University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore Pakistan (2014-2016).After this he is planning to done his PhD in same subject. Along with this he did about 17 international courses from USA, UK and Ireland in Feline, canine and Equine Specialization. All courses comprise of 35 Continuing Education Hours and approved from American Association of Veterinary State Boards. He also wrote many articles and attended different seminars and workshops nationally and internationally. He is member of 16 different National and International associations and Organizations. He made a great track record of treating more than 2000 patients in just 8 months, and also earns a good name in Lahore. He is an energetic and passionate young veterinarian and covers almost all the aspects of Veterinary field.

General Group of Veterinary Services (Sub- Departments)

  1. General Veterinary Hospitals (GVH)
  2. General Veterinary Medicine Traders (GVMT)
  3. General Shelter Homes for Animals (GSHA)
  4. General Veterinary Health Products (GVHP)
  5. International Young Veterinarian Association (IYVA)
  6. General Poultry Services (GPS)
  7. General Livestock Services (GLS)
  8. General Pet Supplier ( GPSu)
  9. General Pets Sale Purchase Services (GPSPS)
  10. General Fisheries Services (GFS)
  11. General Veterinary Consultants (GVCs)
  12. General Veterinary Equipments and Surgical (GVES)

All the sub-departments working since 2014 in their respective areas with a dedicated staff. The details of each department can be found on the respective page of this website.

General Veterinary Hospitals:

General Veterinary Hospitals are the first department of GGVS established by Dr. Zahid Afzal. GVHs have worldwide presence with numerous franchises in different countries including:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Nepal
  3. India
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Ethopia
  6. Nigeria
  7. USA ( California, LA, WDC)
  8. Egypt
  9. Oman
  10. Qatar

All the branches are managed by the Licensed and professional veterinarians of the respective country/Area. All vets are dedicated and working in a managed environment. Auditing and Monitoring of all branches is handled by GVHs Head Office in Lahore Pakistan.  Services provided at all GVHs are following:

  1. Surgeries (Major/Minor) of All animals
  2. Treatments
  3. Vaccination
  4. De-worming
  5. Pet Health Management
  6. Grooming
  7. Training
  8. Lab Diagnostics
  9. Postmortem Facility
  10. Highly Equipped Indoor Facility (Minimum 20 Beds)
  11. Advance Pet Owner Trainings
  12. Monthly free Medical Camping
  13. Ultra-Sound Facility
  14. Home Visit Facility
  15. 24/7 emergency service
  16. Dedicated Staff at each branch

Beside all these we are providing 24/7 Online OR Telephonic help to our Clients with our experienced Customer Relation Officers. For franchising system please visit department’s website at

General Veterinary Medicine Traders:

The General Veterinary Medicine Traders is the sub-department of GGVS developed also in 2014. The main objective of GVMT is to facilitate the veterinarians and Veterinary hospitals with highly resulted and profitable medicines. GVMT providing the following services:

  1. 30% profit on each medicine from Retail Price.
  2. All types of Antibiotics
  3. All types of NSAIDs
  4. All types of Neutraceuticals
  5. All types of Anti-Dote and Anti-Allergens
  6. All types of Vaccinations
  7. All types of De-wormers
  8. All types of Herbal and Homeopathic products
  9. Export Quality Medicine
  10. Veterinarians training on the use of Safe drug Usage
  11. Contracts with Leading Pharmaceuticals
  12. Provide those medicines which are frequently used
  13. Guide to new/Fresh vets about vet practice management
  14. International Trading service for International Veterinarians

General Shelter Homes for Animals:

This department deals with the stray Dog/Cat/Equine and others. We have a contract with different organizations which keep animals safe and healthy in a healthy environment. Currently we have 6 Shelter homes located in Lahore, Pakistan. Services included:

  1. Stray Animals Shelter
  2. Regular diet to these animals
  3. Health Measurements free of cost
  4. Adoption of Stray Animals
  5. Training as home living animals

This is purely a welfare project and donations after adoption directly used only on these animals. No rough use of donations is allowed in GSHA. For details of adoption procedure and requirements please feel free to contact us.

General Veterinary Health Products:

This is a research and development department of GGVS working on alternative medicine as the trend of alternative medicine is increasing day by day. The research staff has dedicational working on the development of different health products. Currently GVHP have following products:

  1. General Stomach Powder (For Ruminants) $1.2/100gm
  2. General Appetizer Syrup (For appetite of Pets and Birds)$1.5/100ml
  3. General Pain-Relax Oil (For treatments of Orthopedics and Muscular pains)$2/50ml

All these products are resultant and trialed on various animals. These products can be obtained on GVHs branches and by booking your order.

Note: Minimum order for foreign countries other than Pakistan is $500 and within Pakistan Minimum Order is $150. With free delivery.

International Young Veterinarian Association:

This is a sub-department of GGVS and purely a non-profit organization for the development of veterinarians round the globe. This association is developed by Dr. Zahid Afzal (Founder President) in March 2014 at Pakistan. Currently IYVA have its setup in 10 different countries including:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Nepal
  5. Indonesia
  6. Egypt
  7. Canada
  8. USA
  9. Nigeria
  10. Ethiopia

Functions of IYVA include:

  1. Development of Veterinary Profession
  2. Providing career opportunity to young vets
  3. Counseling of vets
  4. Conduction of Training Programs and workshops
  5. Peace Walk and events

For details of IYVA Please visit

General Poultry Services:

As poultry industry growing day by day round the globe and along with this the requirements of this industry also increasing. So GGVS decided to provide the marvelous services to Poultry Farmers. W e had a vast number of consultants round the globe and contract with different companies to facilitate the farmer at his door step. The services of GPS included:

  1. Poultry Medicines
  2. Poultry Equipments
  3. Poultry Feeds
  4. Poultry DOCs (Layer/Broilers)
  5. Breeder Stock
  6. Farm Management Consultancy
  7. Farm health Consultancy
  8. Trainings to start New Poultry Business
  9. Free of Cost Consultancy If you are using our 2 or more services
  10. Feasibility Reports and presentations

Beside all these we also provide other services related to this business. Feel free to Contact Us.

General Livestock Services:

As we know the importance of Dairy and Meat sector in any country is of great importance so GGVS also providing its services to low/Mid/High level farmers with great economical packages. Services of GLS included:

  1. Sexed/Non-Sexed Semen
  2. Artificial Insemination
  3. Dystocia/Difficult Birth handling
  4. Reproductive case handling
  5. Livestock Feeds
  6. Livestock Neutraceuticals
  7. Livestock Medicines
  8. Farms Consultancy
  9. Trainings for new Comers
  10. Feasibility reports and presentations.
  11. Free of Cost Consultancy if you are using more than 2 or 3 services of GLS.

Beside all above we also deal in surgical matters and other services related to the Livestock sector. Feel free to contact.

General Pet Suppliers :

This department of GGVS is the most active and developed department. This department covers all the major/minor needs of the pets. We provide our services to the veterinarians and pet owners. The services of GPSu included:

  1. Pet Houses
  2. Pet Beds
  3. Pet Foods
  4. Pets Chains and Collars
  5. Pet Shampoos
  6. Pet Clothes
  7. Pet Toys
  8. Pet Housing Equipment (Feeders and Drinkers)

Beside all these we also deal other accessories related to Dog/Cat/Fancy Birds. Feel free to contact us.

General Fisheries Services:

This department is for the services of local consumer. We also export fish meat. Along with this we are also providing our services to all kind of fish farmers. Services of GFS included:

  1. Frozen Fish Meat
  2. Boneless Fish Meat Frozen
  3. Fish feed
  4. Fish Medicines
  5. Fish Farm Consultancy

Beside this we also providing other services related to fisheries. Feel free to contact us for details.

Note: Minimum Order for fish meat depends upon the location so contact before you place your order.

General Veterinary Consultants:

This department has its worldwide presence and the largest department of GGVS. If you need a veterinary consultant at your door step just contact us. We provide various services under this department. GVCs services included:

  1. Highly Qualified Consultants
  2. Skilled Professional
  3. Farmhouse/Dairy Farm Consultancy
  4. Home Based Consultancy
  5. Service round the Globe

Beside this you can contact us for all other services related to this department.

General Veterinary Equipment and Surgical:

Although we are new in this department but will provide the best ever services as compare to any other company or supplier. This service is for veterinarians, vet clinics, vet hospitals and different farms. GVES services included:

  1. Equine Equipment
  2. Livestock Equipment
  3. Milking Machines
  4. Surgical instruments (All types)
  5. X-Ray Machines
  6. Ultra-Sound Machines
  7. Veins Detectors
  8. All the Electro Medical Equipments and Machines

Beside all these if you need anything just feel free to contact us.